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2003-10-22 - 5:13 p.m.

Oh how my moods swing..

Today has been pretty ok, Havent done much of anything. Its freezing here so Im all bundled up..trying to get warm..Old farm houses and heat dont mix.

I was really worried about Blane, but I guess hes doing ok, he has finally come back to the internet world..He was in a car accident..ahh, cant leave him alone for a min.

Talked to Lotus today..that was interesting, He has such the soothing voice, I could have went to sleep..Kind of like Mr. Rogers, but Lotus has the sexier voice:p

Nik has finally pushed my button..I spent some time on cam today chatting with friends..from the crimson insanity group, hes on my messy bitching about ..needing me all to himself..he does that alot Ive noticed..the possesive, jealous thing..he reminds me of a spoiled child.

Sitting here waiting for Bone to get back online so I can chat him up..Missed him alot while he was gone, Seems like life is intolerable without him :(.


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